With a new small-scale audio-visual production, through which travelers from all over the world are invited to “treat themselves to…Thessaloniki“, the city’s Tourism Organization and its president Voula Patoulidou along with the deputy regional governor of the Metropolitan Unity of Thessaloniki are celebrating World Tourism Day today.

“In a special, humorous way, the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization projects the character of the city and the authentic temperament of its inhabitants and sends the message “Treat yourself with …Thessaloniki”, the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization points out in today’s announcement and notes that “Thessaloniki is a large city with a rich cultural heritage, capital of gastronomy recognized by UNESCO, which never “sleeps”! In Thessaloniki you can forget and be forgotten!”.

World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on September 27, with celebrations organized by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The purpose is to raise the awareness of the global community about the value of tourism for society, culture, politics and economy, but also to highlight its contribution to achieving the goals of sustainable development.

“True to our appointment, we are participating in World Tourism Day with a new production. We listen to people’s need to escape, to leave, to “heal the wounds” that have been created. Thessaloniki is the city where you can forget and be forgotten! We thank the State Theater of Northern Greece for the kind presence of its actors and everyone who participated…and we are waiting for you in Thessaloniki…Treat yourself with Thessaloniki!”, points out Ms. Patoulidou.

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