The ferry connection between Izmir and Thessaloniki, which started on October 10, has been suspended until March 31 due to low demand from passenger and transport companies, according to Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency.

It is unprofitable

The president of the branch of the Chamber of Shipping in Izmir, Yusuf Oztkurk, stated that this sea line is unprofitable for the Greek company.

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He expressed his displeasure at the suspension of the Smyrna-Thessaloniki connection, saying that “The suspension decision is not acceptable to us. Studies have been carried out in this line for almost 8 years. It aimed to bring Turkey’s export cargoes to Europe faster.”

He added that “The main reason for the suspension decision is the lack of support. I don’t understand why there is no support. Companies involved in international land transport should have supported this line.”

Not enough demand

Company executives told the Anadolu Agency correspondent that the voyages were not in sufficient demand during the winter months and will stop until March 31, and that the ship that will arrive in Izmir on Saturday, December 3, will return to Thessaloniki on Sunday, December 4, completing the last trip.

The ferry connection between Thessaloniki and Izmir was carried out by a RoPax type ship, transporting passengers, trucks and cargo (photo, above, from Anadolu), which departed from Thessaloniki to Izmir every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from Izmir to Thessaloniki every Tuesday. Thursday and Sunday, for a trip that lasted up to 14 hours.

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