“Greece is at the center of global recognition for its hospitality, its natural beauty, its culture, its history, its people. With its dynamic presence in all forums, it co-shapes the future of tourism with all the important market leaders”. This was stated by the Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias, at the Global Leaders Dialogues in Riyadh, who described the balance between tourism growth and environmental protection as necessary for the future of the next generations.

To stimulate the income of workers

Regarding the shortages that exist worldwide in the staff of the tourism industry, the Minister of Tourism said that after two years of the pandemic a large part of the workers have moved to other professions, another important part has chosen teleworking, pointing out, however, the need for employers to stimulate the income of the employees as they are the tourism ambassadors of each country, being the first to come into contact with the visitors.

The air connection with Saudi Arabia

Afterwards, Mr. Kikilias held a working meeting with the CEO of the Saudia airline company, Ibrahim Koshy, who informed him that travelers to Greece are already showing a 20% increase compared to 2019, while he announced that in 2023 flights from in Saudi Arabia will increase.

At the same time, he met with the Greek-born CEO of Flyadeal, Con Corfiatis, who expressed his interest in the company’s air connection with Thessaloniki and Crete.

Finally, the Minister of Tourism met with US Deputy Secretary Mark Keam. During the working meeting, the excellent cooperation between the two countries in the tourism sector, as well as the positive results of the tourist season, were confirmed.

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