Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias referred to the extension of the tourist season even to less popular destinations, as a result of which travel revenues exceed the target of last year’s budget by 3 billion euros.

Speaking to the Open television station, the Minister of Tourism noted that  accommodations even in the remote island complex of Kastelorizo were full until mid-November. Mr. Kikiliaw noted Chios, Samos, Kos also had very high tourist flows this year and expressed the interest of his ministry in  destinations that do not have a strong brand, and also noted what is happening this year in Athens and Thessaloniki is impressive.

He also noted that travel revenue goes directly to the average Greek family, Greek society and a range of professions – from the tourism industry, catering and trade to the primary sector and construction – while at the same time enabling the Government to proceed with social support policies for Greek households – such as the Food Pass – in a very difficult period of global crises.

Mr. Kikilias also underlined that in the context of the efforts made to strengthen winter tourism in the country, and based on the announcements of the Prime Minister for the extension of the tourist season, 11 airlines have already signed contracts with the EOT for flights, new destinations, or capacity enhancement for December, January, February and March.

In addition, he pointed out the crucial role of the “Tourism for All” program, the beneficiaries of which will be doubled to 400,000 citizens.

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