«We’ve completed a beautiful transaction», was the first statement by Haris Karonis, the founder and CEO of Viva Wallet, hours after the biggest-ever transaction involving a Greece-based fintech company was officially concluded on Tuesday with JP Morgan’s acquisition of 48.5 percent the latter’s share capital.

In comments to ot.gr, Karonis said the development now allows him to «paint the future».

The consideration reached the level tentatively agreed to with minority shareholders last January, namely, a figure exceeding 800 million euros. The shares purchased by the multinational US-based investment bank were held by Hedosophia, the Latsco Family Office and DECA.

Karonis also expressed satisfaction with the fact that 45 million euros will be distributed amongst Viva Wallet’s workforce of 200.

“This is a company with zero debt, which will also be buttressed with new capital of 100 million euros,” he added.

JP Morgan has already acquired convertible bonds worth 80 million USD, previously issued by the fintech provider.

A sale and purchase agreement was signed this month, following several months of delay.

The Bank of Greece (BoG) had already signaled its approval last September, followed by the finalization of a stock option plan for Viva Wallet’s executives and workforce.

The Greece-based company is active in 23 European countries.

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