The Greek stock market is moving strongly upwards at this time, which, although it has not raised its trading rates, has managed to move well above the resistance of 1,050 units. The general index is now at 1,058.05 points, recording gains of 1.59%, with turnover at 64 million euros.


Of course, out of the 68 million units of the volume, 45.5 million have been traded in the MIG share (+29.91%), while 10 million of the rest have been traded in Alpha Bank and Piraeus. Movements in the remaining stocks are therefore selective, but more and more main market stocks, over 100, are in positive territory.

As pointed out by domestic analysts, the funds released in the zone of 1,000 – 1,050 units, which had been trapped in recent years, seem to remain within the walls and are being turned into fuel for continuing the rise. At the same time, the extent to which new funds came will be proven in the next period, as there are not a few foreigners who believe that sooner or later Greece will enter the “club” of the rank of investable assets.

The titles

At the stock level, OTE, Alpha Bank, National Bank, Viohalco, ELHA, Terna Energy, Coca Cola, Piraeus, Titan, PPA, GEK Terna, PPC and Quest stand out with their gains, while Sarantis, Lambda, Motor Oil are moving positively , OPAP, Eurobank, Jumbo, Mytileneos, Aegean and Ellactor.

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