On the occasion of World Pizza Day, which has been established on February 9, Eurostat has released very interesting data on how much pizza and pie prices have increased in the European Union in December 2022.

Based on this data, the price of pizza and tart bought in store in the EU was, on average, 16% higher compared to December 2021, when the price of these two popular dishes, on average, just 2% higher than December 2020.

Hungary is price-hike champ

Among EU countries, the highest increase in the price of pizza and tart was recorded in Hungary with +46% in December 2022 compared to December 2021.

In second place followed Lithuania with an increase in prices by 39% and Bulgaria with an increase by +37%.
As for the smallest increases, these were recorded in Luxembourg (+7%), Italy (+10%) and France (+13%).

In Greece, pizza recorded an increase of 15.2%, with our country occupying 20th place out of a total of thirty countries in the relevant Eurostat list.

Headline inflation in the eurozone rose in December by 9.2% year-on-year, with a 13.8% increase in food, drink and tobacco products, Eurostat said last month.

Eurostat categorizes “pizza and quiche (tart) products” into the varieties sold in shops, based on flour and made with meat, fish, seafood, cheese, vegetables or fruit.

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