The disasters left in their wake by the bad weathers Daniel and Elias are very great, as verified in an autopsy he carried out a while ago, visiting our Evia, Geology professor, Efthimios Lekkas.

As he pointed out while speaking to, he visited today, together with the mayor of Mantoudi, Limni, Agia Anna, specific points and unfortunately found extensive cumulative damages from the two back-to-back waves of severe weather that hit the island.

The biggest problems are basically found in the areas where the extreme effects from the severe weather fronts Daniel and Elias were more intense.

Serious damage to the road network

The road network is severely damaged, but those who need to be especially careful are drivers who use the provincial road from Edipsos to Limni and from Mantoudi to Istiaia and vice versa as the landslides continue.

“There should be a meeting of the government, the region together with the municipalities in order to give financial support to northern Evia to restore the damages”, he commented, pointing out that the municipalities will not be able to bear this burden of restoration on a financial level.

Great care is needed, it is recalled on the Ilia-Loutra Edipsos road as the landslides continue.

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