The architectural competition for the construction of the new, state-of-the-art Athens Archaeological Museum has been announced by “Anaplasi Athinas SA” (Regeneration of Athens SA).

The Museum will be integrated into the historical environment of the Plato’s Academy area and with connections to the neighboring areas and public spaces, while the building will be constructed with state-of-the-art energy saving methods and will be accessible to all citizens. The application of the principles of the building’s bioclimatic design, combined with the targeted addition of greenery to the surrounding area, will contribute to further strengthening the environmental upgrade of the area.

In addition, the plan also includes the enlargement and modernization of the infrastructure of the stadium that will be built in the Plato’s Academy area.

The above two interventions aim at the substantial upgrading of the area and the improvement of the quality of life and the daily goings on of area residents.

According to the relevant announcement of “Anaplasi Athinas”, the competition is characterized as a complex open competition of ideas and includes the urban planning and architectural study, as well as the study for the regulation of traffic, which will aim to develop a creative relationship between visitors and exhibits, by highlighting the exhibits, history and identity of the new Museum.

It also “fulfills all the criteria mentioned in the decision, given that the configuration under study is a special and extremely, historically and culturally, important intervention for the city of Athens, which is constantly affected by multidimensional crises”.

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