Tourism lifts Greece up, thanks to the huge and timeless contribution of the tourism sector to the Greek economy and society. Its stable value and resilience were highlighted more this year, in a year of unpredictable geopolitical and international economic developments, in which however Greek Tourism managed to recover to pre-pandemic levels and to be a support for the economy and society.” This is what the president of the Hellenic Hoteliers Federation, Grigoris Tasios, says in his message on World Tourism Day and adds:

“The hotel industry has managed to come out of the biggest crisis in the history of tourism with unity, with honorable efforts, with documented positions and proposals. However today, we are faced with new major challenges. The energy crisis and inflationary pressures force us to change our perspective and turn to a more sustainable model, readjusting our strategic targeting for the Tourism of the next day.


Redefining our tourism product, in terms of sustainability, quality and thematic enrichment based on the advantages of each destination, is a strategic priority. It requires planning, resources and joining forces at all levels in order to achieve the transition to a new era for Greek tourism.

The path of cooperation has been proven to lead to positive results. The Hellenic Hoteliers Federation will continue to walk down this path, with a high sense of responsibility for hoteliers, with faith in the potential of Greece and with a firm goal of the sustainable touristic future of Greece, with the benefits of equitable prosperity for all”.

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