The filming of the popular travel show “Planeta Calleja”, broadcast by Spain’s national channel 4, took place from September 17 to 23 in various areas of Thessaly, starring one of the world’s leading chefs, Jordi Cruz Mas.

As the Hellenic Tourism Organization-EOT emphasizes, “the targeted information trip, which involved representatives of the press (press trip) to promote the region in the Spanish market, was organized by the EOT Service of Spain with the active assistance of the Region of Thessaly, Aegean Air, the Professional Boats Owners’ Association of Thessaly and other organizations in the region”.

The show

The prime-time hour-long show, broadcast for nine consecutive years in the zone, is hosted by famous Spanish mountaineer Jesús Calleja. In each episode, he invites a personality from the field of politics, entrepreneurship and art to destinations with special natural beauty around the world, and Thessaly was chosen as such a region.

For this particular episode he chose as his co-host Jordi Cruz Mas, who is now among the twelve Michelin-starred chefs in the world and is a member of the judging panel on Spain’s “Master Chef” show.

During filming, J. Calleja and J. Cruz Mas had the opportunity to tour the wonderful natural landscapes of the area, taste its unique gastronomy and cook with local products, participate in outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding , yachting, canyoning in Pelion and climbing. The cast and crew also visited the monasteries perched among the igneous natural pillars of Meteora.

It is noted that the two co-presenters have a total of over 3 million followers on social media. It is indicative that the posts made by J. Calleja on Instagram during his stay in Greece have already gathered more than 96,000 likes and 3,210 comments, while his corresponding posts on Facebook have received hundreds of reposts.

The Thessaly episode of “Planeta Calleja” is expected to be broadcast in February 2023, after which the Mediaset group, which owns the channel, will rebroadcast it on its other owned channels and digital platforms.

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