British tourists comprise a large part of inbound visitors to Greece, a fact that is confirmed by flight data released by global aviation analytics site Cirium.

Citing Cirium figures, UK-based travel website reports that over 4,000 flights are scheduled to operate from UK airports to Greece in June 2024, with a similar number of flights heading to Italy, the USA, and France.

Spain continues to outperform all other main summer destinations for British travelers with 14,150 flights in June, marking a 7.4% increase.

The data from industry analytics firm Cirium highlighted Ireland as showing the only decline, with a 3.3% drop in flights to 4,270.

The data shows that Cyprus has witnessed a 16.6% year-on-year uptick to 1,152 flights, Turkey 15.2% to 3,848, and Croatia 12.6% to 967.

Morocco takes the lion’s share in the rise of the number of flights from the UK, registering a rise of 42.8%, with the number of flights carrying British tourists up to 631 in the month.

This is more positive news for the Greek tourism industry, as market experts estimate the sector is on the path of breaking all records based on key indicators and emerging trends. Projections suggest that international arrivals will match or slightly exceed last year’s numbers, with early reports indicating a promising outlook reminiscent of, and slightly surpassing, 2023 for Greek tourist destinations.


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