The government is being sharply criticized for two of its decisions, which on the one hand have social significance, and on the other hand are being characterized as insufficient as their forecasts fall short of the needs of employees and pensioners.

The two decisions concern: First, the determination of compensation to teleworkers to cover the cost of equipment, telecommunications and the use of their workplace.

Secondly, the announcement of the 250 euro allowance for pensioners, by the prime minister, an allowance which the representatives of the pensioners characterize as “mockery”, “crumbs”, “begging” and “pocket money – a piece of cake for a few”.

The decision of the Minister of Labor, Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, stipulates the minimum amount of compensation that employers must pay to employees who work telework, to cover the cost of equipment, telecommunications and the use of home workplace, as defined by recent relevant law (4808/2021).

The minimum monthly amount to be paid by teleworkers’ employers is: 13 euros for the use of the home workplace, 10 euros to cover the cost of communications and 5 euros for the maintenance of the equipment.

Compensation for the cost of communications is not paid if the employer covers it, through a separate contract with the internet provider – mobile and fixed telephony, while respectively no compensation is paid for the maintenance of the equipment if the devices are provided by the employer.

Mrs. Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou, Head of Labor relations and Member of Parliament for SYRIZA, characterizes the specific provision for compensation of operating expenses as a mockery.

“The forecasts are insufficient, both in terms of height, but also in terms of needs assessment, as they do not include significant costs, such as the cost of electricity and heating in winter or the use of air conditioning in the summer months,” said the MP .

Pensioners against Mitsotakis

The United Network of Pensioners made a direct attack on the Prime Minister Mr. K. Mitsotakis with a particularly harsh announcement about the 250 euro allowance. The Network characterizes the allowance as pocket money which in fact will not receive about 1.7 million beneficiaries.

This is because according to the leaked conditions – as reported by the representatives of the pensioners – the allowance will be received only by those who receive a main and auxiliary pension of up to 450 euros per month, also under certain conditions.

The Network talks about “retirees who are not beggars” to be given a “μερε € 250” and notes that the € 210 million measure is not even half the amount of € 431 million collected from the taxation of retroactive retirees.

Finally, for the sake of comparison recalls that “the 13th pension – which was abolished by the current government – gave the amount of 1.1 billion euros to all retirees.”

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