Green Business Certification, Inc. (GBCI), which is responsible for marking “green” buildings with international LEED certification, has named Dimand a LEED Proven Provider.

Dimand, founded in 2002, is one of Greece’s leading real estate developers with big ambitions and the powerful vision to create extraordinary places that transform peoples’ lives.

With this distinction, Dimand will be able to obtain “green” certifications for its projects faster. Those companies that have the recognition of “High Quality LEED Project Manager”, have proven their experience in managing high quality certifications in an extremely successful way, it is emphasized in a relevant bulletin.

The LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) standard is the most internationally recognized certification system developed by the US Green Building Council and certifies that the operation of a building is done with respect for the principles of sustainable construction, which among other things aim at the optimal energy and environmental behavior of the building.

The LEED Proven Provider distinction for the category of BD + C (Building Design + Construction) rating systems provided by Dimand, has been created to facilitate the control procedures of a certified LEED project.

In addition, it offers Dimand the opportunity to reach out to LEED auditors to work together to improve the experience of the whole process. At the same time, it allows it to focus further on quality control and continuous improvement, while project LEED inspectors can support and guide project implementation teams.

“Quality is at the heart of the LEED certification process, and DIMAND has demonstrated its expertise in helping to integrate sustainable, high-performance buildings into the marketplace, with an emphasis on user well-being,” said Sarah Alexander, GBCI Vice President of Certification. “The LEED Proven Provider distinction shows the excellent cooperation that exists between DIMAND and GBCI, as it allows, on the one hand, GBCI to maintain the demanding certification program that it has established and, on the other hand, DIMAND to be ranked among the proven LEED providers, having the opportunity to deliver to its customers faster projects with LEED certification “, underlines Mrs. Alexander.

“It is our passion to carry out the most demanding projects,” says Sandra Bär, head of Dimand Sustainability Team. “The title ‘Proven Provider’ not only rewards our efforts to create exceptional spaces that transform people’s lives, but also commits us to setting an example for the use of more effective and sustainable practices in our projects, which guarantee better living environments.” and work “, he notes characteristically.

Dimand was the first company in Greece to adopt LEED certification for a number of buildings and continues to aim at the certification of its new projects, such as the following:

• The Tower of Piraeus, the first “green” skyscraper in Greece

• the KAIZEN CAMPUS, a modern office building in Maroussi

• the SYGGROU OFFICE COMPLEX “IMPORTEX”, a complex of high standard offices, in Athens.

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