Greek businesses are proving to be resilient in the face of the successive crises faced by the economy from 2009 until today, which have managed to cope with greater or lesser difficulties. At the same time, half of them express optimism about their jobs in the next twelve months.

The above are reflected in the conclusions of the survey recently carried out by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEA) on 795 of its member companies, between March 2-13, 2022.

In particular, the survey showed that 40.9% of businesses managed to cope with the successive conditions of instability created by the multiple crises since 2009, while 36.5% reported that they would hardly cope with a new crisis.

In fact, 13.2% of businesses answered that it was not particularly affected, while 6.3% stated that they experienced a period of growth.


Regarding turnover, over the past year, 42.1% of respondents said it had increased, 32.1% of businesses reported that turnover remained unchanged, and only 23.3% of businesses reported decreased turnover.In the vast majority of businesses, the change in turnover ranges in percentages up to 25%. It is noteworthy that among the companies that increased their turnover, there are companies (3%) that recorded an increase of over 75%.

On the course of the economy

When asked about the course of the economy in the next twelve months, 35.8% of businesses answered that it will do better, 24.5% of businesses believe that it will remain stable, while only 23.3% believe that the economy will fare worse.

Finally, almost half of the companies (48.4%) estimate that they will fare better in the next 12 months, 33.3% of the companies believe that there will not be any noticeable difference, while only 11.3% of the companies consider that their course will be worse.

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