The case of the sale of Scaramanga Shipyards is still in the courts after the objections that the Municipality of Haidari has filed against the transfer to the bidder of the tender, the ship owner Mr. Giorgos Prokopiou .

The Municipality of Chaidari filed two appeals, one against the Special Management for the transfer of the company’s assets and one against state real estate property ETAD for the transfer of the neighboring property.

However, as is informed by the special management, the Municipality of Chaidari lost the appeal against the special management, but won the second one against ETAD. According to a relevant announcement of the Municipality, the Suspension Committee of the Council of State decided not to sign the contract for the sale of the property of ETAD SA, which includes Pier 4 to the company owned by Mr. Prokopiou, which emerged as the winner in the tenders for the sale of Scaramanga Shipyards.

The CoS Committee thus accepted the request of the Municipality of Chaidari to suspend the execution of the tender for the sale of the property owned by ETAD, until a final decision is taken by the CoS on the substance of the Municipality’s cancellation request for the tender.

A final decision is expected with the hearing on the substance of the application for annulment of the Municipality of Haidari by the CoS that has been determined for January 18, 2022 and the issuance of the final decision is expected within 2022.

This development, however, does not change many things as regardless of the temporary decision, Mr. Prokopiou is said to have told the special management and the ETAD that he will not sign a contract unless the whole case is closed terminally and irrevocably, something that will happen after the trial of January 18 and with the issuance of the decision within 2022.

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