Projects of 16 million euros that will expand the irrigation network in the Thessalian Plain, covering the needs of an additional 26,000 acres of crops in the areas of Stefanovikeio and Rizomylos, are launched with the new contract signed by the Governor of Thessaly Konstantinos Agorastos and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis during his visit to Lake Carla.

“Today we announced additional important benefits, additional funds for our stock breeders. We are here to oversee the major projects being carried out by the district. “We are disbursing 16 million in order to expand the irrigation networks of Carla to irrigate another 26,000 acres in the wider area”, the prime minister noted, talking to residents in the village of Kanalia, whom he assured that “with the same dedication we will stand by the citizens’ problems. to face them by always telling you the truth, looking you in the eyes and leading the country and society to a better path “.


“The difficulties we were called upon to face during these three years were many, more than any other government since the fall of the junta has had to face. But today Greece is stronger, stronger than it was 3 years ago. Despite the difficulties, despite the great obstacles, we stand by the citizens, we support the citizens as much as we can,” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who talked to high school students in the village and was photographed with them.

The Prime Minister was also guided to the exhibition area of ​​Natural History & Culture of Lake Carla, where he was welcomed by the Governor of Thessaly Konstantinos Agorastos, the Deputy Governor Dorothea Kolindrini and the Mayor of Riga Fereos municipality Dimitris Nasikas.

At the University of Thessaly

Earlier, Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the Greenhouse Park of Circular Economy of the University of Thessaly, where he was informed by Rector Zisis Mamouris and Professor of Agriculture Nikos Katsoulas about the innovative techniques and technologies of sustainable production with which the implementation of sustainable economics is possible. “Greek land can offer a lot, but it can offer even more if we manage to wed to it the technology and know-how that is developed in our universities. “We are here to fully support your effort,” he said.

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