French luxury brand giant Dior continued its photoshoots and fashion shows at iconic monuments in Athens and a couple of other sites around southern Greece this week, part of its “Dior Celebrates Greece” promotional campaign – coinciding with year-long events for the bicentennial of the beginning of the Greek War of Independence in 1821.

The highlight will be a photoshoot – but no show – at the Acropolis in central Athens, and the Parthenon atop the hill, the quintessence of Classical Antiquity.

The campaign began on June 14 and will conclude on June 21.

A fashion show at the U-shaped Panathinaiko stadium, the venue for the first modern Olympics in 1896, was broadcast via the internet around the world. Other photoshoots and video images, including drone footage, used the Herod Atticus Odeon, the ancient Athens Agora, Cape Sounion and its Temple of Poseidon as well as ancient Nemea as backdrops.
Archaeology eforates (regional departments under the Greek culture ministry) will earn more than 200,000 euros from the permits granted to Dior.

The last time Christian Dior used the Acropolis and its antiquities for a photoshoot was in 1951, a controversial campaign at the time now considered as a milestone.

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