The Coordinating Center for China-Countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Tourism of the 14+1 Initiative has announced this year’s Marco Polo Tourism Awards, in which Greek tourism received two important distinctions.

More specifically, the Hellenic Tourism Organization-EOT’s Office in Beijing stood out and was honored with the “National and Regional Tourism Organization” award, while the Traces of Greece travel agency, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, was awarded in the “Travel Agencies/Travel Agents” category.

The participation of Greece in the 14+1 Initiative for tourism matters is another action of the Ministry of Tourism and the EOT with a strategic focus on the Chinese market. The Ministry of Tourism is ready with a strategy and action plan for the China market, which are constantly adjusted according to the current conditions, proving once again that China is still an important target market for Greek tourism.

Important prize

Regarding the award of the EOT service in Beijing, EOT Secretary General Dimitris Fragakis noted its importance and the value of the Greek tourism product for the Chinese market. The Marco Polo Tourism Awards aim to recognize and highlight the initiatives and contributions of organizations and businesses actively involved in developing the best tourism product for the Chinese market.

Innovative ideas

Especially this year, the international jury of the MarcoPolo Awards looked for creative and innovative ideas that helped to overcome the severe effects of the pandemic and turn them into something new, unique and hopeful. Nominations had to clearly demonstrate that the business entity or tourism organization is able to study new emerging trends in China and target Chinese travelers seeking high-end tourism products and services. The awards recognized businesses and organizations that managed to maintain the interest of Chinese travelers during the pandemic, as well as new tourism products and services created to attract the attention of Chinese travelers after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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